George William Earle de Zylva

George, William, Earle de Zylva (1896-1996), known to all as Uncle Earle* recorded a video message in 1973 to his sisters Pearl and Elsie and their families in Australia. His rendition of old songs characterised the very typical sense of humour of Burghers born in the early 1900s.

“Here’s to the health of your blood.
Here’s to the blood of your health.
If your health is not bloody
Your blood must be healthy
So here’s to your bloody good health!”
  • George William Earle de Zylva

* He was also dubbed as the ‘Phantom Ticket Terror’ by the young boys who attended Saturday Morning Pictures at The Ritz Cinema, Neasden, (where he worked in the 1960s) because of his no-nonsense approach to their unruly behaviour.

Earle De Zylva sings Burgher Flavoured Songs
Accompanied by Peter Beekmeyer and Carey de Zylva

Coldcut Dreamer by Janice Alexander

Earle as a boy back row 2nd from
left with his brothers and sisters

Earle (on right) joking about with his brother.

Earle's Grandmother.

Earle de Zylva at College.