Memoirs of Anna Felice

Interviewee:                          Anna Felice
Born:                                    August 1936
Date of Interview:                  10th  June 2014
Length of Interview:               Part 1: 56 Minutes, Part 2: 26 Minutes
Interviewer:                           Sadaf Rasheed



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Listen to Anna's many adventures on the farm where she lived. She loved the huge firework parties her father held every Christmas, attended by her friends as well as all the children from the local village. Learn about the Bumbala-Watte yanks, the term given to young men who lived in Bambalapitiya and Wellawatte (Colombo) who copied American fashion.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


Part 1

0:00:19.1: Where I was born.

0:00:35.7: What it was like growing up in Ceylon.

0:01:21.2: What I did for fun as a child.

0:02:38.4: My family relationships.

0:03:34.7: Sad story of a concentration camp.

0:04:37.7: My siblings.

0:05:30.0: My school life.

0:07:10.9: Description of my school.

0:08:54.7: My happiest memories.

0:10:13.3: A famous artist.

0:10:34.5: More happy memories.

0:11:19.3: The animals we kept.

0:12:07.0: Memories of living on a farm.

0:17:19.3: Smells of growing up on the farm.

0:19:26.2: Funny stories about Burghers.

0:22:12.5: The area I lived in.

0:23:16.9: Rattan furniture typical of Ceylon.

0:24:16.1: Pets in Ceylon.

0:26:43.4: American culture was predominant amongst Burghers.

0:27:50.0: Where my ancestors are from.

0:30:29.4: Why and when I left Ceylon. My marriage.

0:32:25.8: Mixed marriages in Ceylon.

0:32:56.1: Culture and marriage in Ceylon.

0:33:36.7: Why I came to London instead of Australia.

0:34:53.0: How I travelled to London.

0:36:06.3: My romance on the ship.

0:37:24.2: Life on the ship.

0:40:08.1: My first impression of England.

0:42:06.6: The smells of England.

0:43:33.0: My emotions and thoughts about leaving Ceylon. My father’s sadness.

0:45:03.6: My age on leaving Ceylon.

0:45:26.2: Where I stayed in London and my first home.

0:46:50.3: Relationships with people in London on arriving.

0:48:09.9: A Sri-Lankan community that I could associate with in London.

0:49:59.2: How I felt emotionally living in London.

0:52:37.8: Impact on friends and family I left behind.

0:53:39.4: Climate in London and its impact on me.

0:55:51.0: My first winter and my fur coat.

Part Two

0:00:12.9: Prejudice in London.

0:02:02.8: Cultural adaptations.

0:04:28.0: My return to Ceylon and my father's illness.

0:05:51.3: My experiences living back in Ceylon work and my trip and romance in India.

0:10:44.9: How London affected my views on romantic relationships.

0:13:29.1: How many thought I was quite shocking and outspoken.

0:14:20.1: How London and Ceylon differ.

0:16:42.8: My return to London in 1972.

0:18:00.2: The reason my siblings went to Australia - prejudice towards Burghers.

0:21:54.9: My new flat in Hendon.

0:22:39.0: What I love about living in London.

0:23:09.6: The many activities I am involved in.

The End