Memoirs of Barbara Adolphus nee Bulner

Interviewee:                          Barbara Adolphus
Born:                                    03rd November 1940
Date of Interview:                  21st March 2014
Length of Interview:               37 Minutes
Interviewer:                           Janis Alexander


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Barbara Adolphus was born in Ceylon in 1940 and moved to London when she was 20 years old. Listen to Barbara’s heart-warming stories about times gone by and the funny culture shocks she had when she first came to London.. Barbara tells us how, according to Burgher culture, It was considered rude to send out wedding invitations for fear of offending anyone. Instead her family put an advertisement in the newspaper and anyone who knew them was welcome to attend her wedding.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


0:00:00: Introduction.

0:00:31: How I am a Burgher.

0:00:51: My fondest memories of Ceylon - Christmas time.

0:04:18: New Years celebrations.

0:05:16: Celebrating Buddhist events.

0:06:15: What we did for fun as children.

0:07:29: Chicken stories.

0:09:23: Getting married at 18 years.

0:10:28: Leaving for England.

0:11:03: Travelling by ship with my sister and our babies.

0:12:04: First impressions of London.

0:13:05: Cultural challenges to overcome.

0:18:39: My work.

0:21:37: Songs that take me back to Ceylon.

0:24:51: Comparing celebrations / loneliness.

0:28:24: Fun living on a tea estate.

0:26:03: Long distance commuting from a young age.

0:27:00: My grandmother.

0:28:05: My wedding video taken in 1959.

0:29:01: We don't send invitations.

0:29:44: Our honeymoon.

0:31:21: The homecoming party.

0:31:58: My proudest achievement.

The End