Memoirs of Felix 'Happy' Gomesz

Interviewee:                          Felix 'Happy' Gomesz
Born:                                    30
th May 1932
Date of Interview:                  20th June 2014
Length of Interview:               30 Minutes
Interviewer:                           Anton Manickam



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Although Happy wanted to be an engine driver as a boy, he stacked up many achievements as an anaesthetist and doctor both in Ceylon and the UK. As a boy, when the monsoons transformed trenches at his father’s estate into mini rivers, he'd make a raft, rowing to neighbouring areas to pick fruits that had fallen from the storm - encountering cobras and water snakes along the way.

Detailed summary (with time stamping for ease of access)


0:00:22.2:             When and where I was born.

0:00:35.2:             What it was like growing up in Ceylon.

0:00:56.0:             Interesting memories from my childhood.

0:01:54.5:             How I gained the nickname 'Happy'.

0:03:16.7:             Growing up during the war.

0:05:55.7:             My school days.

0:06:54.7:             My career ideas as a young man.

0:07:44.6:             How I won an award from the Association for the Advancement of Science.

0:08:42.7:             How I became a doctor and came to England.

0:11:54.0:             Gaining my Fellowship in England.

0:13:06.0:             An interesting case involving a Heart Attack.

0:15:10.6:             When I came to England and relating experiences.

0:17:32.7:             Landing at Southampton and first observations.

0:17:55.8:             How we left Ceylon.

0:20:34.9:             One of my proudest achievements.

0:21:28.7:             What I missed about Ceylon.

0:22:04.7:             Blessings of similar cultures: British and Burgher.

0:22:25.5:             Winter.

0:23:17.1:             Life Now.

0:25:47.1:             My one desire after qualifying.

0:26:16.6:             What I love about London.

0:27:46.0:             How I'm a Burgher.

0:28:50.7:             The Burgher surnames of some of my friends from Ceylon.

The End